Friday, January 8, 2010

Three Kings Day (Wed. January 6)

Today was our first day of classes which we had from 9am to 1pm in a conference room of the hotel. I was so tired when I got up because it felt like 2 in the morning! After class we had a free afternoon so we decided to explore our around the area since we had not seen it in daylight. Since it was Three Kings Day in Spain, many places were closed. But we were still able to walk around and explore. We walked down La Rambla which is the main road that runs through the city down to the water, but we did not walk down all the way to the ocean. We plan to do that this weekend. Our hotel is close to the intersection of La Rambla which is a great location.
Some interesting things we saw were the bakery above which had Three Kings Cakes (circular
cakes with crowns on top). We also saw intresting statues which were in the middle of the Rambla. Then we looked at an apartment building designed by Gaudi (second picture above) which was really neat. You can see his unique style and use of broken mosaics really makes this building stand out on the street. Then we looked at a museum of a Catalonion artist (first picture above) which is actually on our street. It is very interesting looking with barbed wire on top. Unfortunately it was closed because of the holiday, but it was okay because we were pretty exhausted from getting up early for class, walking a lot, and still jet lagged. Despite the fatigue it was a lot of fun exploring more of this beautiful city. I am amazed at how clean the city is, and how it is so relaxed even though it is a busy area. Barcelona is SO quiet compared to NYC! We leave our window open at night (the room is so hot) which you would never be able to do in noisy manhattan. I love it!

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