Wednesday, January 13, 2010

El Glop – Group Dinner – Thursday January 7

Sorry again for getting SO behind!! The second half of the week in Barcelona was extemely busy, we have been going non-stop! And we have had more homework assignments so that has taken up my small amount of free time. I took some time to catch up on the blogs today during our long bus ride to Madrid...

Thursday was a rainy day and our tour activity was canceled. Since I wasn't feeling well, I spent the entire afternoon napping. Thankfully I felt much better at night and was able to enjoy our group dinner. My trip includes two dinners with the entire group of students and the two professors. We went to a restaurant that was very close to our hotel called El Glop.
We had the choice between steak and paella, so I chose paella since I had not tried it yet and Barcelona is known for making wonderful paella. It wasn't bad, but I was not expecting it to come out with an entire shrimp with the eyes still on it! Something about my food literally staring back at me on my plate is slightly unappetizing. I removed the shrimp and ate most of the rest of it, including clams and pieces of octopus! It was actually really good! It was nice to go out with the entire group of girls.
My friends were cracking me up because they kept ordering more and more bottles of red wine, because “it's free” (meaning our parents had already paid for it as part of the trip) and “we're in Spain”, which has been a standby excuse for all decisions the entire trip so far. At least we mastered the phrase “Mas vino por favor!”
After dinner we did not want to go to bed yet so we went back to the Sangria place that we discovered on the first day. Our favorite waiters, Omar and Felipe, were so happy to see us again! We ordered two pitchers and enjoyed the delicious drinks. However, Rachel decided that the sangria wasn't strong enough and complained to Omar... so he came over with a big bottle of Absolut and started poured it in!! Then, they gave us a free pitcher on the house! Such hospitality, LOL. When we were about to get the check, a large group of drunk men in their 40's and 50's ran in, pushed a table against ours and started taking pictures of us. Then they all started smoking and it was so disgusting (everywhere here is SOO smoky) so we quickly asked for lo cuento (check) and went home! It was a fun night and a good story to tell!

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