Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bienvenido a Barcelona!

After a very long overnight flight and a connection in Frankfurt (about 9 hours total flying time), I arrived in Barcelona yesterday! The flights were fine. There were a lot of UD students on the plane because groups studying in Italy and Greece were also on our flight to Frankfurt. It was cool seeing so many people I knew at the airport, even people on other trips! One of the many amazing things about UD :) I was only in the Frankfurt airport for about two hours, but the only thing I can say about it was it was strange. I say this because three things stand out in my mind about the airport. One was that the security guards / police walk around carrying huge machine guns, the biggest I've ever seen, which is very disconcerting. Yet you don't even have to remove your shoes during security, so it doesn't make much sense. Another strange thing was the "Camel Smoke Stations" which are literally enclosed glass boxes throughout the airport where people stand and smoke. It's disgusting. The third strange sight occurred when I decided to look at a German newspaper to pass the time, and it was full of topless women. Very different than a U.S. newspaper I must say! That was basically all I got to experience of Germany at 7am local time.

We arrived at around noon local time, which felt like 6am. Having only slept for about two hours on the plane, I was very jet lagged! After we checked into our hotel my room mate and I both napped for about two hours. The room is quite small but has everything we need. However, the TV does not work and the safe costs 7 euros a day to use which is unfortunate. But I really can't complain! So, all is safe and sound here! I will update with the adventures from the first night in a little bit.

Miss you all! XOXO

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